Strategic Cooperation

Building Cooperation
    Japan's large-scale comprehensive construction company, the scale of the group is the top position in the construction industry, mainly engaged in construction, civil engineering, development and so on. Founded in December 1917. 
    It is a typical representative of Japanese construction enterprises. Founded in 1804 in Tokyo, Japan, it is an old brand with a history of more than 200 years.Among the world's 225 largest construction contractors selected by ENR in 2007, Qingshui construction ranked 15th.
    Japan's large comprehensive construction company, the world's third largest construction contractor, is one of the world's top 500 enterprises. Its business covers 40 countries and regions on four continents.  enjoys a high reputation in the construction of western style buildings, railways and dams, especially in the construction of nuclear power plants and high-rise buildings.
    Founded in 1892, he is mainly engaged in construction, regional development, urban development, marine development, environmental improvement and other project construction in Japan and abroad, as well as related engineering management consulting services and real estate business.
    Founded in 1610, TAKENAKA was established in 1937. For the construction project planning, design, construction and maintenance, it can meet the diversified social needs and take the responsibility of low cost, high quality and good function.
    Founded in 1937, headquartered in Tokyo Metropolitan port area, business is mainly distributed in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • 户田建设
    Founded in 1881, with a total capital of 23 billion yen, the company not only has a lot of experience in the planning, design, supervision and construction of construction projects, but also is engaged in renewable energy power generation. 
    It is the first enterprise with new super qualification for general contracting of housing construction in China. It also has super qualification for general contracting of municipal public works and general contracting of highway engineering. It ranks first among the top 200 competitive enterprises in China's construction industry.
    Founded in 1952, the wholly-owned subsidiary of CSCEC, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, is a top-grade general contracting enterprise for new housing construction projects issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the people's Republic of China. It is one of the most competitive and growing construction enterprises in China.
    Founded in Chongqing in 1993 and developed in the whole country, its business covers real estate development, commercial operation, rental housing and smart service. It was listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong in 2009.
    Founded in 1984, it was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. We are committed to becoming the world's leading smart urban and rural construction and ecological town service provider.
    Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Shanghai, a diversified enterprise group with global operation has formed a diversified pattern of "taking real estate development as the main business, developing big infrastructure, big finance, big consumption, science and technology innovation, health care and other emerging industries simultaneously" all over the world.
    The flagship company of the real estate sector of the three core industries of China Merchants Group is a large-scale real estate development group with comprehensive development ability, rich property categories and perfect community management. It inherits the Centennial mission and leads the green development of China's real estate industry.
Design Cooperation
    Japan's largest architectural design company,mainly includes urban planning, architectural design, workplace design, interior design, landscape design, etc. Has won more than 30 awards, including the world Chinese Architectural Creation Award, and the American Architecture Award.
    Design company of Mitsubishi group in Japan. As one of the largest architectural design companies in Japan, it has a good reputation in the Japanese architectural design industry respecting human rights, contributing to the society, coordinating and integrating with the region, and committed to environmental protection as its brand culture.
    Jiumi design always adheres to the concept of "unity of design and technology" pursued by Jiulang, the founder of Jiumi design, which is not limited to providing "architectural design and engineering supervision" service business, but also providing customers with a series of services from project initiation to design and put into use after completion, with "various management and solutions", "environmental equipment engineering design" and "structural engineering design" as the core business Dragon service.
    Founded by Kengo Kuma in 1990, the design pursues simplicity and nature, warmth and simplicity, and creates scenes centered on human life rather than architecture. "Nature and man-made are not antagonistic, they are continuous." Kengo Kuma applies this continuity to his architecture and interior design, which is fluent, transparent, horizontal and gentle. Successfully designed the Tokyo Olympic Games Hall.
    A truly professional design group, its business mainly includes urban planning, architectural design, workplace design, interior design, landscape design, etc. since its establishment in 1967, the company has continued to create "future value" with its customers. In Shanghai, Hanoi and other places have branches, obtained the ISO 11004 certification.
  • MHS
    The founder, Junichiro Matsuda, has been engaged in the design of high energy-saving buildings, public facilities and large-scale passenger gathering facilities since it was founded in 1931. It is headquartered in Tokyo and has branches in Yokohama, Osaka, Kyushu and Okinawa.
  • GKK
    Founded in 1949, it is a member of large-scale architectural design organizations such as the Japanese Association of architects and so on. With the concept of "architecture is the cornerstone of human life", the company has created many works that satisfy people's heart.
    Founded in 1892, it has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We should make full use of the limited space in the design and construction to support the development of the project.
    Founded in 1964, its design style is simple and beautiful, and it is committed to the pursuit of natural beauty of environment and humanity. it has been focusing on architectural design for more than 70 years, constantly meeting new challenges and contributing to the development of society. 

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