Come as expected||The grand opening of Japan's super five-star hotel The Okura Tokyo


    I am very proud to show our new flagship hotel-The Okura Tokyo. It fully demonstrates the important idea of Okura people-Providing top-level A, C, and S,namely Accommodation,Cuisine,and Service. While adhering to our own heritage, we will strive to make this idea once again favored by global guests.

---Hotel President and Representative Director Masaru Naruse

    The design originally made by my father, Mr. Yoshiguchi Taniguchi, was very popular at that time.So when I was invited to redesign the The Okura Tokyo, I felt a great honour and also felt a heavy responsibility. Its challenge is not only to reshape the ancient appearance, but also to make it more outstanding on this basis. The new Hotel Okura Tokyo will remind people of its grand opening half a century ago, and it will last forever as the years go by.

---Designer Jigu Taniguchi


    Recently, in a highly watched and anticipated event, the new flagship hotel The Okura Tokyo of Hotel Okura Co., refurbished and officially open under the attention of many fans around the world. ShengXing Stone is one of the hotel's overseas stone suppliers due to its professionalism and focus in the Japanese market. It has undertaken indoor floor tiles and all outdoor floor tiles and landscapes. The general manager of the company, Li Xuefen, is honoured to be invited to participate in this opening ceremony.


    Hotel Okura Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958. Its flagship hotel, Hotel Okura Tokyo, was designed by five people including the late famous architect Yoshiguchi Taniguchi in order to welcome the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. It was opened in 1962. Due to its fusion of traditional aesthetics with top-level accommodation, cuisine and service, it has quickly become a world-renowned first-class hotel. It is tied with the Imperial

Hotel Tokyo and the New Otani Hotel as the hotel "Misan". After welcoming guests for half a century, the hotel was closed to be renovated in August 2015 and reopened in November 2019 to welcome the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and friends from all over the world with a better look.



    The excellent location opposite the U.S. Embassy in Japan has made it a designated accommodation hotel for senior US officials and diplomats for many years, including former Presidents Nixon and Obama. Crown Prince Charles and Princess Diana also stayed here when they visited Japan in 1986.The other star guests include the late pop music king Michael Jackson and the Beatles lead singer John Lennon.



    The renovated Okura Hotel is composed of two newly built towers. One is 41-story building "Okura Heritage Tower" ,which is located in the middle of the land area.The other is 17-story middle-story building "Okura Prestige Tower",which is located in the south.In the north,there is a large-scale greening and courtyard facility. It reapprears the well-known traditional Japanese aesthetics of the former Hotel Okura

Tokyo and its emphasis on simplicity and elegance. The new fusion of "traditional luxury-Okura inheritance" and "modern luxury-Okura reputation" does not emulate overseas, but builds Japan's own hotel that can go to the world. 






    The architectural design of this project was jointly designed by 6 design companies including DaCheng Construction Co., Ltd. and Design Headquarter. Among them, Mr. Taniguchi’s son started from the concept of “inheriting the beauty of China and extending to the next generation” at Hotel Okura Tokyo, and participated in the design of the hall and other places. Mr. Taniguchi was involved in the design of the

old main building.It was also a further tribute to Hotel Okura Tokyo.

【architectural design】


1、The water feature of the square

    The space surrounded by Okura Museum and two newly built towers,is set up by Okura Plaza,which is a symbolic square that welcomes guests from home and abroad.Not only it has a space for viewing the surrounding buildings, but also a huge pool is set up in the middle of the square. The pool is decorated with mysterious and elegant Indian black granite to make the perfect fusion of water's softness and stone's

rigidness. As the time of day changes, the water gradually reflects the shadow of the Okura Museum. It is worth mentioning that the water ripples,easily caused by the polishing of black stones, is the problem that our customer is always worried about. However,under the skillful hands of ShengXing people,this problem is perfectly solved,which is highly praised by the customer.






2、Outdoor floor tiles

    Before entering the hotel, the blue and white ground floor outside the square gives a clean, quiet and beautiful feeling. The lines of Rockwell White and Tehran jointly selected by ShengXing Stone and the designer are simpler and do not need more decoration. The simpler the tings,the better we want to achive. To make simple things to the ultimate and pursuit of pure beauty is what ShengXing people are always working on...








3、Walls and floor tiles in the basement

    In addition to outdoor floor tiles and the water feature, ShengXing Stone also undertakes some indoor floor tiles and walls of the hotel. With 18 years of professionalism and focus on the Japanese market, ShengXing Stone does not forget its original intention, and tries our best to meet the customer's every need and gains every praise from our customer.




    The past Hotel Okura Tokyo was born because of the previous Olympic Games. Now the current The Okura Tokyo comes into being is because of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.Let us together look forward to its great performance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

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