A group of four people from China Merchants Property (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. visited our Quanzhou factory


    On the morning of May 27th, an investigation group composed of the Purchasing Department, Cost Control Department, Design Department and Engineering Department of China Merchants Property (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. ,a group of four people visited our Quanzhou factory under the leadership of General Manager Wu of the Company's Purchasing Department. Huang Guopan, the Executive Director of ShengXing Holdings, received visitors at the Hui'an No. 1 factory and conducted deep discussions and communications on related topics.

    First of all, the two parties conducted a one-by-one inspection and evaluation of the stone samples required for the "Xiamen West Bay Cruise City 1-4# Lot" landscape engineering project, and visited the factory production workshop and the inventory of some corresponding product blocks.



    Then Executive Director Huang briefly introduced the development process of ShengXing Stone in the conference room on the second floor, and gave detailed answers to the investigation group on the issues of quality control, order production arrangements, project management and so on.The investigation group gave positive confirmation and evaluation to our company's achivements in the Japanese market over the past 17 years, especially our rigorous attitudes in quality control and project management. During the meeting, our company's consultant Matsumoto Shingo and the director of the Hui'an base Wei Yan accompanied them to attend.

    It is reported that the Xiamen West Bay Cruise City project has 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 6# and 7# plots. The project is located on the south side of the cruise home port area of Huli District, Xiamen City. The project is planned to build about 112,000 square meters of basement, 264,000 square meters of office space, 146,000 square meters of business, 50,000 square meters of transportation hub, cultural facilities and other 21,150 square meters. The total investment is 7.5 billion RMB, of which construction and installation project costs 3.8 billion RMB.



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