ShengXing Stone is fighting against COVID-19 epidemic together with you! ! !



    It is a little bit cold in the spring of 2020. A sudden COVID-19 epidemic has swept through China and the whole world. It has even been listed in history as the world public health emergency with the fastest spread, the most widespread infection, and the most difficult prevention and control.It becomes the focus of the world and touches everyone's heart.

    As a Chinese enterprise dedicated to the production and processing of high-end stone construction in Japan, ShengXing Stone is always concerned about the dynamics of the market and health of customers by constant greetings in various forms such as mail, phone, WeChat, etc.Hearing the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in Japan, the country entered a state of emergency and mask materials were in short supply,General Manager Li Xuefen immediately summoned the administrative department to purchase regular and legal masks and then sent the care & greetings of ShengXing people to every customer, construction cooperation and design cooperation.




    After receiving the masks sent by ShengXing Stone, all customers expressed their deep gratitude.


    “Like the mountain range that stretches before you and me, let's share the same trials and hardships together.” “Although hills ’n rills set us apart,the moon and wind share our kind heart.” How to effectively cope with the global pandemic that has not been encountered in a hundred years is still a world problem to be solved by the international community, but the epidemic has no borders and everyone is a "victim".Only united together we can overcome the difficulties. May this epidemic end soon and spring will blossom.

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